Success Story: Kaitlyn

My daughter Kaitlyn and I were given the opportunity to work with Dreamcatchers, more importantly with Diane Wilson. Diane went above and beyond with Katie and I could see it in her eyes, Katie touched something in her. Now I thought I was the toughest on Kaitlyn and felt bad thinking Diane was coming in to work with Katie and that this poor lady had her work cut out for her. It took us a minute to settle in and but every week Diane worked with Katie pushing her to do her best, even when Katie was having a rough day.  She was tough on her and Katie had a hard time adjusting to that. Still every week Diane worked with her on her interview skills, how to speak during the interview, what to talk about and what not to talk about, what to wear and what not to wear.

The hard work from both Katie and Diane paid off. Kaitlyn took all that she had learned and applied for a job at McDonald’s on her own. She used all that Diane had worked with her on and got the job. She has been there now for 4 months and loves it. This lady means a lot to us, as we were dealing with an emotional event.  She was amazing. The support and understanding she gave me at that time helped so very much. She never let us down and was at every meeting making sure everything was moving along like it should.

I’ve been clawing my way through getting services and Doctors for Katie for 15 years, with no voluntary help from anyone, until Diane. So the reason this was a little long is because I can’t say enough about this lady.  I used to RESPECT anyone who chose a career in special needs, until I started getting people whose hearts were not in it. Diane’s heart and soul are. To Dreamcatchers- never let her go, she’s something special, especially to us.

Thank you everyone at Dreamcatchers for working with us.

-Jaime B

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